How to write a product description

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How to write a product description

What amount do item depictions sway deals?

There aren’t that many contextual analyses out there about item depictions, so it’s difficult to say conclusively.

One online business investigation discovered that 20% of procurement disappointments are conceivably a consequence of absent or muddled item data.

In any case, a few items appear to sell fine and dandy with a title and an image. So does it truly matter?

Definitely, it sort of does.

That is to say, you need to say something regarding your items, correct?

Individuals do will more often than not incline toward specific words when shopping on the web.

No doubt about it a terrible item portrayal might possibly dismiss somebody from a deal. Yet, assuming you as of now have helpless item depictions, it’s not very late.

You can undoubtedly transform an awful portrayal of an item into one that sells with a couple of minor changes.

The distinction between a decent and awful item portrayal

What precisely makes an item depiction “awful?”

It doesn’t actually have as a lot to do with the length of text or the verbiage that you use. At any rate, those viewpoints aren’t quite as significant as you may might suspect.

The fundamental objective is basically to clarify what the item does and why somebody should get it.

At the point when an item is plain as day, for instance, you don’t should be extravagant.


Since this item is fairly one of a kind, it requires a smidgen more data.

This organization works effectively of laying out what the item does, why it’s superior to a customary snorkel, and how it can work on the plunging/swimming experience.

It’s an extraordinary item portrayal for a fairly confounding item.

Both of these models have depictions that:

Unmistakably clarify what the item does or its planned use.

Offer added worth or advantages.

Incorporate all significant data.

Presently take this model from Nalgene:





1. Define your buyer personas before writing your descriptions.

A good product description starts with a solid buyer persona.

If you don’t know who is going to be buying your product, you don’t know what information to include or leave out in your description.

Take this example of a beard oil kit from Mountaineer Brand:


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